7 best things to do in Antarctica with your friends

Penguins in Antarctica

Antarctica, a heavenly destination over the planet earth that enraptures the visitors with its bone-chilling weather and amazing views of ice glaciers. A very few daredevils plan to visit Antarctica continent to cherish the must-do things amidst icebergs and even some frighten to imagine how life would be there. But, the beautiful glacier county Antarctica renders memorable experiences to the adventure bees and nature hearts. From different species of wildlife to adventurous activities, Antarctica offers many things to the visitors. No one can resist themselves to immerse in different type of activities in this region. Here is the list of best things to do in Antarctica.

7 Best things to do in Antarctica

We bet that a trip to Antarctica will enhance joy among your trip and is a great way to cherish adventurous and unique moments with your friends. Once you stepped in Antarctica you will recall all your childhood memories and behave like a child with your friends. You will not hesitate to take part in adventurous things to do in Antarctica with your friends with much pop. At the end of this write-up, you will feel yourself with your friends doing any of the things in Antarctica.  

1 World of Penguins

Antarctica, tourinwala


When we asked about Antarctica, what will be popped in your mind? Of course, it will be ice glaciers and penguins, right!! Yeah, Antarctica is the only spectacular place in the world where one can get closer to the cute penguins. Antarctica gives a great way to tourists to stroll amidst the penguins and enjoy with their fun activities and if you are lucky enough you may encounter with cute little chicks too. There are many islands exists in Antarctica which homes a group of penguins. Just give a go to spend a few hours in mid of beautiful innocent creatures to get rid of hustle-bustle lifestyle.

2 Polar Plunge

polar plunge, Antarctica

OMG! Here is an adventurous activity to do in Antarctica which is a bone-chilling activity. Get ready with your friends to partake in polar plunge, in which one needs to jump into the minus degree cold water and experience the most adventurous activity of Antarctica. The polar plunge is completely dedicated to daring and adventurous hearts. Imagine how dare it needs to perform the activity amidst tons of tons of snow bergs in worlds coldest continent Antarctica.

3 Campaign

A campaign in Antarctica amid the frozen climate will render unforgettable memories to one’s life. It’s an adventurous task to get survive from the chills of Antarctica especially in during nights. If you are lucky you will get a chance to view the spectacular Aurora Borealis. No doubt that it will be a daredevil stunt to stay in the nights but if you get survive you will have a handful of adventurous tales with you. Listen carefully, the twinkling stars tell great stories of adventurous travellers who visited Antarctica.  

4 Memorable Zodiac Tour

zodia tour, Antarctica

Cruise across Antarctica amid the icebergs to capture the beautiful views of unexpected wildlife of the continent. Enjoy with your friends in the boat which can accommodate nearly 16 people at a time. It is one of the best things to do in Antarctica to cherish the beauty of icebergs very closer. Seals, Whales and beautiful glaciers will thrill everyone.  

5 Write a Post Card

Post card, Antarctica

Write a postcard to your beloved one from the coldest continents of the planet. Share your moments and experiences through the postcard and post it at the post office from there. Surely it will be a lifetime memory to you and your beloved one. If you were on Antarctica tours never give a miss to visit it. One can also catch a glimpse of the museum and play with penguins. 

6 Deception Island

Deception Island Antacrtica

Situated at the end of the Antarctica Peninsula, Deception Island is made up of volcano’s caldera. It is home for an active volcano which erupted many times in the past. The landscape of active volcano is an abode for a variety of wildlife and 10,000 years ago, a massive eruption caused the volcano to form caldera in the mid of the island. Now, one can view old oil drums, whale bones and boilers on the shores of the island. 

7 Passing the Dark Passage

dark passage

Though it does not lie in Antarctica but one needs to cross this treacherous dark passage to reach the white continent. Dark Passage is nothing but a stretch in between the Southernmost tip of South America and South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. It brings shivers among Antarctica tourists with its notorious climatic conditions and roughest sea conditions. But, nowadays it is not that much of dangerous or scary with the help of GPS and weather forecasts. An expedition through this passage remains ever in the hearts of visitors of Antarctica.

Best time to visit Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica during the month of November is treacherous as the climatic conditions in this cold continent drops and ice will break up. Access to some landscapes in Antarctica during November is restricted. November is the mating season for penguins in Antarctica and at the end of the month, one can capture penguin nests with full of eggs. Antarctica

The temperatures in Antarctica during the months of December and January are the warmest with sunlight up to 20 hours. Penguins are busy in hatching their eggs to welcome the chicks into the world. 

February and early March months are the best time to view whales in Antarctica. But, before March all the penguin chicks will start to move from their nest.

Any hotel in Antarctica?

Oops! There is no hotel in Antarctica for tourists and they need to accommodate in their ships. Government supplies food to the people those who are residing in research stations.

Shopping in Antarctica

With rising tourism in Antarctica, only few shopping options are available in Port Lockroy, one of the most visited parts in Antarctica. Nothing much varieties available here only one can buy postcards, books, keyrings and t-shirts. 

Guys, give a go to Antarctica with your mad gang and enjoy nature to the fullest but never forget to share your Antarctica trip memories with your touringwala.

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