Awesome!! Giant Hands Lift The Golden Bridge Of Vietnam into the sky

Giant Hands Golden Brideg Vietnam

Universe is full of surprises, there home myriads of nature creations which intrigue all and sundry. Apart from nature wonders, the architectural brilliance of humans intensifies the beauty of the blue planet. Not only the ancient monuments but also the modern architectures draw the tourists from across the world. The Golden Bridge of Vietnam aka Giant Hands of Vietnam is one of the stunning attractions that beckoning tourists with its unique architecture. What are you waiting for? Just give a quick scroll down to know more about this architectural wonder.

Golden Bridge aka Giant Hands – Vietnam

Da Nang is one of the most lovable scenic spots of Vietnam, tens of thousands of visitors make a beeline to this destination to capture the beauty of mother nature. The well-known Da Nang resort of this hill station was opened by French Colonists in the year 1919. visitors love to experience the cable car ride at this locale, which ranked as the longest non-stop single track cable car.Giant Hands Golden Bridge Vietnam

To enhance the beauty of this locale the local authorities constructed the Golden Bridge which is 1400 metres high above the sea level with a length of 150 metres(approx). Situated in the mid of scenic Ba Na Hills of Da Nang, Vietnam, Golden Bridge is really an amazing architecture. Cau Vang aka Golden Bridge of Vietnam render blissful moments to all the visitors with its giant hands which raised the bridge towards the sky. The mammoth structure of the giant hands is the centric attraction of this bridge. The picturesque views of surrounding mountains, lavish woods, pleasant breezes make the tourists fall in love with this nature. It appears that this golden coloured striped bridge is hiding amidst the clouds of Da Nang.

Walk along the Golden bridge with your beloved one amidst the vibrant flowers ‘Lobelia Chrysanthemum’ which bestows the pleasant moments to your trip. It is one of the best ways to get lock oneself with the beauty of mother nature.

Guys when you were on Vietnam trip, don’t forget to pay a visit to Golden Bridge and another architectural masterpiece Dragon’s Bridge.

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