Batu Caves, the spiritual, beautiful destination of Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves

Batu Caves, one of the most spectacular destinations of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that enchants the visitors with spirituality and topographic features. Nestled in the heart of the city and few miles away from north of the city, Batu caves traced their origin dates back to 400 million years ago.

Why Batu Cave are so special?

When you step into this locale you will just astound by the views of the mammoth statue of Lord Murugan at the entrance of Batu caves. Recorded as world’s largest statue of Hindu deity measuring 144 feet tall, Lord Murugan statue will take you into trance. After capturing the beautiful vistas of the golden statue of Lord Murugan one must have to ascend 272 colourful rock steps to enter into the majestic Temple Cave.Batu Caves, Malaysia

Once you step into the cave surely you will awestruck with the beauty of the natural limestone cave formations in the mid of the 500 metres feet limestone rock cliffs, there is a holy shrine of Hindu gods which immerse every visitors into a devotional mood. One can spot the numerous monkey troops in and around the cave surroundings and advice to be careful with them.Batu Caves Malaysia

Pay a visit to the Art gallery and the Museum Cave at the end of the steps which homes to many shrines and paintings of Lord Murugan. The Ramayana Cave is another intriguing spot of the locale which is devoted to Lord Hanuman. Tens of thousands of devotees from across the world flock to this temple cave to take part in annual Thaipusam festival. Special rituals and events are organized during the festival.

Batu Caves Route Map: 

Apart from spirituality, hundreds of adventure junkies make a beeline for this caves to experience the rock climbing. It has nearly 160 routes to cherish climbing the caves and it is a thrilling experience for the visitors to glance the climbing.

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