Best Places To Experience The Halloween Celebrations Across The World

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As much awaited scary Halloween night is just going to strike and evil spirits are on their way to reach the earth. Some of them are busy in frightening the folks and many are in wait for midnight feast. Are you one who enjoy the existence of the ghosts? Then this write up will surely satiate your inner thirst. Here we touringwala gathered some creepiest places on the earth for this Halloween Day which will raise goosebumps to you. What are you waiting for just have a look at Halloween celebration which happens across the world.


Pumpkin, Salem, Halloween Day celebrations
Located in the mid of United States of America, Salem is well known for its Witch trails memorial. The city fascinates the visitors with its unique and vibrant Halloween celebrations. The Halloween events falls on entire month of October and it peaks on 31 October. There is a legend which connects the Halloween, few years ago, nearly 20 people was executed to death even though they were not witches. The locals believe that the spirits of Witches will return to the earth and frighten the people. The cemetery walks, pumpkin lighting festivals, zombie parades, trick or treat and many more will surely bring the lights to Halloween.


Cemetery, Halloween
Mexican people celebrate the Halloween in a different way. Here it is called as ‘Day of Dead’, people believe that the spirits of dead one’s will return to the earth and spend some three days with their beloved ones. During these days, the Mexicans visits the cemeteries and embellished the graves with colourful flowers and skulls. Music concerts, dancing, food courts, drinks and dazzling parties garbs the attention of the tourists.


Zombies, Halloween, London, Halloween Day Celebrations
London is the best city to chase the ghosts during the night of Halloween. The people of London dress up themselves in a scary manner to frighten the neighbours. Numerous events where took place to render the creepiest moments to the Halloween junkies. Never give up your braveness even while the Zombies chase you, do your best to escape from the evil things of the demons and monsters.


Romania, Bran Castle, Halloween Day
It is the place which directly associated with fearsome spirit Dracula. Yeah, the splendorous Bran Castle, once the abode to the Vlad the Impaler, which inspire the Dracula. Here, millions of enemies were beheaded. Various legends and tales about the ancient kingdom comes alive during the night of Halloween. Flocks of tourist throngs to this castle to enjoy the special Halloween theme events, costume shows, Dracula wedding, Roman folk music shows will enhance the joy of Halloween.

Hong Kong

China, Skulls, Cemetery, Halloween Day, Halloween
Hong Kong is the best place in Asia to immerse in the scariest events. Halloween is getting popular in past few years. The Disneyland and few more oraganisations oraganise the special events to frighten the visitors. Every part of the locale is embellished with special Halloween scariest themes like skeletons, vampires, Dracula, Zombies, spider webs, etc.

Enjoy the Halloween Day….

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