Bonalu Festival, The Pride Of Telangana celebrates with much joy

Telangana Bonalu

Telangana is a cradle of ancient traditions and vibrant cultures. Though this land of Deccan plateau was ruled by various Muslim rulers… the fragrances of Hinduism and brotherhood between the various communities blooms forever. The folks of the state celebrate every festival with much joy and pride irrespective of religion. ‘Bonalu‘ is one amongst them, where the people of Telangana especially Hyderabadi’s celebrate this dazzling ceremony. Today, we ‘touringwala‘ have come up with some intriguing places where the state festival observes with much pride… Let’s have a look to know more Telangana Bonalu…

First Step In Mighty Fort… GolcondaJagadamba Temple, Golconda, Bonalu

Mahankali Bonalu kick starts every year on the premises of Golconda where goddesses Jagadamba resides, during Ashada month of Telugu calendar. According to historians, the temple has 800 years old history. According to the historians, once a shepherd found the idol of Jagadamba over this hill and later they inform about the idol to the Kakatiya rulers. They constructed a mud temple to the goddess there. After the pitfall of Kakatiyas, Golconda court witnessed the Islamic rulers. It glittered with glory during the reign of Qutub Shah rulers and even the rulers of Qutub Shahi dynasty untouched the temple and they allowed the people to worship the goddesses.

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, Telangana

The Bonalu procession observed here will surely take everyone into a trance of spirituality with dazzling cultural parades of Shakthi incarnations, Pothuraju and other rituals. During this festive season, many folks throng to this fort to capture the best vistas of the Telangana heritage and culture. Late, the people from every nook and cranny of the twin cities and some other regions of Telangana will immerse in the festive joy. Renuka Yellamama temple is one of the spiritual destinations where the Bonalu celebrations take place.

A Spiritual Legend

People offer special rituals to the goddess ‘Mahankali’ to protect everyone from epidemic diseases. During the 19th century, the city was tremendously affected by plague disease and it took away tens of thousands of lives.
A legend says that a military person worshipped matha ‘Ujjain Mahankali’ of Madhya Pradesh to protect the people from the dangerous disease. Thus, the pleased goddess eradicated the disease and blessed the city with health. Later, the person installed the idol of Mahankali in Secunderabad and started offering rituals in the form of ‘Bonalu’.

Ujjain Mahankali Temple

Ujjaini Mahankali temple Secunderabad, Bonalu
Mahankali temple is cuddled in the middle of Secunderabad and is the most prominent locale for devotees. Numerous Devi followers pay a visit to this temple to seek the blessings from mother goddesses during the festive season. Here one can catch a glimpse of spectacular traditions like Gattam, Rangam, where a woman stands on the earthen pot and tell the future of the city. Many enthusiastic folks visit this temple on ‘Rangam’ occasion to know about the future.

Lal Darwaja Temple

The colourful traditional festival concludes with a huge procession on Matheshwari Temple at Lal Darwaja. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of the festival at this temple one must have to see and enjoy. Apart from these temples, Bangaru Maisamma Akkanna Madanna, Bhagyalakshmi temples celebrate the festival with much pomp.

This year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Telangana asked people offer prayers to the goddess  and celebrate Bonalu festival at their homes to contain the virus. Very soon we Touringwala will come up with few more interesting temples of Telangana.

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