Come celebrate ‘Sankranti’ at International Kite Festival 2020 Telangana

International Kite Festival Telangana, Kite Festival 2020, Kites

Come let us make this Sankranti more memorable by experience the International kite Festival Telangana in Hyderabad. Every corner of Telangana resonates the cultural traditions and with vibrant kites flying high in the sky. The heritage of Telangana enrooted with kites and people from the past used to fly kites during the harvest festival ‘Sankranti‘. 

Kites -Telangana HeritageInternational Kite Festival Telangana, Kite Festival

From dawn to dusk, the skies of Telangana will be dotted with dazzling, beautiful kites during Uttarayana. Sankranti or Uttarayana is celebrated when Winter ready to turn into Summer. Kite flying is the culture of Telangana and it deeply enrooted with memories of everyone in the Deccan plateau. It is not an exaggeration to tell, the flying kites recall the childhood memories of every Telanganite. Wanna recall your everlasting memories with kites and wants to play like a child? then the International Kite Festival at Hyderabad is your destination. Yeah, every year when the calendar marks ‘Sankranti’, the Parade grounds of Secunderabad welcomes kite flying enthusiasts and international kite flying professionals. It is the best place to capture the moments when vibrant kites try to kiss the sky with the help of cool breezes and the fragrance of the traditional festival Sankranti. 

International Kite Festival -HyderabadInternational Kite Festival Telangana, Kite Festival telangana

Tens of thousands of kite lovers and professional kite flyers will make a beeline to this locale to cherish the best moments of their life. Interestingly, it is not only to take part in celebrations but to gain more and more knowledge from the kite professionals, different types of kites and to a chance to win the kite flying competition.  The International Kite Festival at Parade Grounds will be kickstarted on 13 January and ends on 15th January at 9 PM. 

Wow! Night Kite FlyingInternational Kite Festival Telangana, Night Kite Flying Telangana

Guys, everyone of has a childhood dream to fly the kites during night time but it requires a lot of permissions from our elders right! But, here is a chance to satiate your inner thirst of flying kites in nights.  Yes!!! The Government of Telangana is going to allure its citizens during the festive season with Night Kite Flying 2020. Yeah, one can cherish flying kites in night times amidst the cool winter breezes and aroma of delicious traditional dishes in the ground itself too.  Flying kites high in the dark sky amidst the twinkling stars will remains forever in your hearts. Telangana International Kite Festival, Kite Festival Telangana

The entry to explore the dazzling celebration is free. This year, organisers said goodbye to manza, plastic threads and opted for eco-friendly threads and is a great measure from the government to which always tries to contribute something for mother nature. 

Guys, what are you waiting for? Just step out of from your homes with your childhood friends to compete in kite flying at Telangana International Kite Festival and is the way to recall childhood memories which are filled with age-old traditions of Telangana.

(Image courtesy: tskitefest, pixabay)

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