Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Wanaparthy – A must visit destination of Telangana

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy temple Wanaparthy

Spirituality is one of the best ways to keep our minds peaceful and to get closure with divinity. India, the land of temples is a great escape to capture different architectural and historical temples. Millions of Hindu temples sprawled across the nation and Lord Vishnu is one of the most revered Hindu gods. Today on the occasion of Toli Ekadashi, We Touringwala have come with a beautiful and mythological temple ‘Ranganayaka Swamy Temple of Wanaparthy‘, Telangana which was commenced by the great Vijayanagara emperor, Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple – An Oustanding Architecture

Sri ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Wanaparthy

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy temple of Wanaparth is an exemplary example to showcase the Vijayanagara architecture. Nestled on the banks of lake Ratna Pushkarini of Srirangapur village, Pebbair Mandal, Wanaparthy district, Ranganayaka Swamy temple is one of the must-visit destinations of the district. The architecture of this 18th-century temple enchants the devotees with its mammoth gopuras, mandapas, magnificent carvings and many more. The 67 feet height temple tower is the cynosure of the locale and grabs the eyeballs of the visitors. The reclining posture of Lord Vishnu on the walls of the temple premises will make everyone to fall love with its marvellous architecture.

A Historical Legend

Ranganakayaka Swamy temple Wanaparthy

Once, the great emperor of Vijayanagara dynasty Sri Krishnadevaraya visited Srirangam temple in Tamil Nadu and fell in love with the splendour and engineering prowess of the temple and decided to build a temple which resembles Srirangam in his kingdom. Then Lord Vishnu appeared in his dream and said that his idol is lying in the kingdom and an eagle will guide him to that place. The other day the king followed the eagle and he discovered an idol between Kothakota and Kanvyapalli mountains. Later, the temple was built by the Kings of Wanaparthy Samsthanam.

Soak In The Wellness Of NatureRanganayaka Swamy temple, Wanaparthy, Telangana

The devotees can enjoy the spiritual tour amid the serene village environment. Many spiritualists and nature aficionados visit this locale to rejuvenate themselves from hustle-bustle lifestyle. The village view from this temple takes the devotees into a trance. The serene environment, pleasant breezes, chirping sounds of birds, views of lake Ratna Pushkarini and many more will make your day more memorable.


It is a great place to cherish the true village cultures of Telangana and to enjoy a bike ride with your friends to have a glimpse of the village. The local villagers celebrate Kotai Utsavalu every year during Sankranti festival and Rathotsavam in March.

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Google Route Map

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Wanaparthy is an amazing landscape to experience the glorious historical heritage and scenic beauty of mother nature. A trip to this place will render an opportunity to visit some more interesting spots. Here are some of the places to add pleasure to your trip.

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  • Agasthyeswara Swamy Temple – Jetprole
  • Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple – Beechupally
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple – Kollapur

A Visit Ranganyaka Swamy temple, Wanaparthy  which fetches you not only the virtue but also tons of tons of amazing memories…

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(Image Courtest: Wanaparthy district)

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