Experience the beauty of Modhera Sun temple, Gujarat during Monsoon

Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat

India. the land of many temples is glittering with exemplary architectural marvels with a great heritage. A plethora of temples is exhibiting the brilliance of the craftsmanship of that era. During the monsoon beauty of some temples comes into alive and mesmerises everyone with the intriguing architectural marvel. Sun temple of Modhera, Gujarat is one among them which is on news headlines after Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi shared a beautiful video of the temple amid monsoon drizzles. 

Modhera Sun Temple – Gujarat

Nestled calmly on the banks of river Pushpavathi in Modhera village of Mehsana district, Modhera Sun temple is one of the exemplary examples for Chalukyan architecture. Constructed by King Bhima I in the early 11th century is an abode of Lord Sun, is just 106 km away from Ahmedabad. Now, the monument is under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). 

This temple complex consists of Gudha Mandapa and Sabha Mandapa. According to historians, the main deity in the temple resided in Gudha Mandapa which is the inner sanctum sanctorium, in Sabha Mandapa, all the devotees gathered together to offer prayers to the lord at that time. The walls of the inner sanctum exhibit the carvings of the Lord Sun and other gods.

There exists a Kunda (water body) known as Surya Kund in the temple complex which stores the waters. The steps in geometric patterns in the kund will intricate the visitors. One can catch a glimpse of the beauty of Kund through the video shared by PM Modi. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of the temple one must have to pay a visit to experience the architecture to the core. Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat

Tens of thousands of visitors and archaeological lovers make a beeline to this UNESCO heritage listed site. The first rays of the Sun would fall on the diamond-studded on the head of Lord Sun in the inner sanctum during the equinox. The ceiling and pillars of the Sabha Mandap are intricately carved and no one will resist themselves praising the brilliance of the craftsman. No rituals are offering at present in this temple and Gujarat tourism officials conduct a three-day dance festival Uttarardha Mahotsav every year after Sankranti festival.

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