Explore Mysterious Mount Nemrut, A Land of Colossal Stone Heads in Turkey

Mount Nemrut

Ruins and Remnants of historical monuments across the blue planet recite great tales over the ancient eras and the livelihood of the people. Zillions of historical heritage sites are still unexplored and far away from the travellers. Mount Nemrut, the land of mysterious colossal stone heads is one such destination which enraptures the visitors with ancient ruins of Turkey. Just give a quick scroll down to know more about mysterious colossal stone heads of Turkey.

Mount Nemrut, unexplored destination of Turkey

Nestled atop the summit of a 2150 high mountain on the eastern Taurus mountain range, this temple-tomb complex secured a place on UNESCO heritage listed site. According to historians, this is the tomb of Antiochos I, the king of Commagene kingdom. Built by Antiochos I for himself as a funeral mound. This first century BC Tumulus is excavated in the year 1881 by a German engineer Karl Sester during his research to trace the routes to the Ottoman Empire.Mount Nemrut, Turkey

The majestic historical tomb with a diameter of 145 meters and 50-meter-high is ensconced by terraces on three sides of East, West and North directions. Surprisingly, the tomb is guarded by the statues of Lion and Eagle at each end. Colossal heads of Greek and Persian Gods along with Apollo, Hercules, Zeus, and Antiochos I are seen around the Tumulus. The five seated limestone statue with its original inscription remains the cynosure of the site. It resembles that the statues sprawled across the mountain might be protecting the burial chamber of Antiochos. Tens of thousands of historical aficionados and adventure freaks make a beeline to visit this locale to know more about the ancient history of Turkey.Mount Nemrut, Turkey, Sunrise Mount Nemrut

It is a picture-perfect destination for photo enthusiast to capture beautiful nature pics amidst scattered colossal heads with a scenic backdrop of rivers and verdure mountains. Considered as the most ambitious projects of the Hellenistic period. The spellbound architecture of the burial mound and the mammoth head statues weighing tons and tons will astound the visitors with its unique looks. Words fall short to narrate this ancient vicinity one must pay a visit to this locale at least once in their lifetime to know intriguing things about the ancient era.

Mount Nemrut, Turley

One can reach the top of the mountain by hiring a cab or bus from Adiyaman. Adventure bees can reach the site by opting climbing and trekking through the rough rocky terrain. Nature at Mount Nemrut captivate the visitors during sunrise and sunset and no one can resist themselves to praise the ancient architectural skills and the beautiful mother nature. A day at this archaeological site will render amazing memories to your Turkey trip.

How to Reach Mount Nemrut?

The nearest airport to Mount Nemrut is Adiyaman, Malatya and Gaziantep.

Best time to visit:

Visitors can enjoy the trip to Mount Nemrut in between May to September as the roads are clear from snow heaps.

Mount Nemrut route map:


What are you waiting for? Just grab your bags and make a trip to Mount Nemrut, where the mysterious Colossal Stone Heads eagerly waiting to welcomes you.

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