Explore the Seasonal ‘Mandamarri Waterfall’, a hidden jewel in Telangana

Mandamarri Waterfallls, Waterfalls, Telangana, Medaram

Nature comes alive during monsoons and it throbs the hearts of nature aficionados with tranquil environ and pristine beauty. A day amidst monsoon drizzles and lavish woods renders amazing moments to one’s lives. When monsoon clouds start showering, nature hearts busy in search of magnificent nature destinations. Telangana is one of the stupendous nature destinations in the country which flourishes with various species of flora and fauna and deciduous forests. We touringwala explored an unexplored seasonal waterfalls in Mandamarri, Mancherial to provide unforgettable memories to our readers. Just give a quick scroll down to know more about the waterfall which comes alive during monsoon.

Medaram or Mandamarri Waterfall

Mandamarri Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Medaram Waterfalls, Telangana, Monsoon

Snuggled in the heart of the dense forest, Mandamarri waterfalls (Ksheera Jalapatham) is just 5 km away from Medaram village. This seasonal waterfalls mesmerises the visitors with its gushing pours from above sand rocks during monsoons. After a trek through trecheraous hill rocks, dense forest one can catch a glimpse of beautiful waterfalls which cascades from a height of 100 metres. The nature of this tranquil environment take everyone into a trance with its pristine beauty and is a perfect destination to rejuvenate oneself from routine mundane lifestyle.

When monsoon drizzles start to pour down, adventure bees and nature lovers from around the locale make a beeline to this waterfall to cherish the nature to the core. The sounds of gushing waterfalls, chirping sounds of birds, swaying trees amidst the lavish woods render amazing moments to your trip.

Mandamarri Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Ksheera Jalapatham, Medaram Waterfalls, Telangana

A trek to this waterfall brings out the adventurous guy in you because you need to trek through dense forest, creepers and huge rocks. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of this locale one must have to visit Madamarri Waterfalls to experience the untouched beauty of forests.

Mandamarri, waterfallls, Medaram

Unknown to the majority of people and recently explored, Mandamarri waterfalls stands atop with its untouched beauty. It is a perfect way to come closer to true nature and drench under cool gushing waterfalls.

Mandamarri Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Medaram Waterfalls

Be careful, visitors are advised to check the water levels before you head to the spot. A sudden flood may occur during heavy rains. There is a possibility of wild attacks and visitors advised visiting falls with a group. ‘Memu Saitham’, a local social organization placed route signboards to the falls which are the main source to reach the falls without missing the route. One can also see some arrow marks on the ground which are made with sandstones.

How To Reach: 

This locale is situated amidst dense forest besides Mancherial-Bellampally highway. One needs to get down at Medaram Village and needs to trek to the location. On the way we will come across a solar power plant and from there we need to trek through the forest.

  • Don’t forget to carry sufficient water and food items.
  • Please make some identification marks in the route because you may miss the route in the dense forest when you returned.
  • There is a chance of wild attacks (we came to know from local people that bears and wild boars may attack) therefore it is advised to return before 4 pm.

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