Famous YouTuber arrested after climbing the Giza Pyramid in Egypt

Giza Pyramid, Egypt

Many times, people do crazy things to get fame on social media and always indulge in activities to upload their videos on social platforms. But, unfortunately, some may bring bountiful of problems to them and here is an incident in which a popular Instagrammer with more than three million subscribers faced jail after climbing historical Giza Pyramid and posted on his social media. Yeah, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, an American-Russian social media influencer arrested after climbing a pyramid.

The great pyramid of Giza is one of the incredible archaeological monuments in the world which is few stones away from Cairo. Now, the news is that a famous Instagrammer got emotional over the tragic wildlife in Australia which costs the lives of many animals and damaged nature. Vitaly said he dared to climb 480 feet Giza pyramid after putting his life at risk and jailed for 5 days in Egypt for a good cause. Yeah, after climbing the pyramid Vitaly requested everyone on the universe to help the Australia which facing horrible wildfire.

He urged everyone to donate to save Australia. It is embalmed on his T-shirt as Stop War Save Australia.  Vitaly Zdorovetskiy shared the pictures of him at atop the pyramid. He said his goal is to collect half-million dollars to donate charitable trusts in Australia but not to the government. He asked everyone to think about the wild animals which lost the lives and some needs rehabilitation. 

According to the Egyptian Parliament, it is illegal to climb the pyramids from November. It is said that climbing any museum, archaeological site or monument without a license is an offence and can be jailed for one month. The popular YouTuber also shared his climbing video on his YouTube channel.  Netizens parted into two groups one is praising his braveness to save Australia and some are criticizing for climbing an ancient archaeological monument.

(video courtesy :VitalyzdTv)

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