Gujarat to get world’s largest zoo

Gujarat, the land of impeccable destinations is fascinating the tourists with its stupendous natural beauty, historical monuments and temples. Now, Gujarat, the land of the world’s tallest statue is going to welcome visitors with the world’s largest zoo. Reliance Industries is going to set up the world’s largest zoo in Jamnagar on 280 acres of land.


Zoo Gujrat



The name of the zoo will be Greens Zoological Rescue ande Rehabilitation Kingdom. It will hosts birds and animals from across the world in various sections named Dragon’s Land, Frog House, an Insectarium, Aquatic Kingdom, Land of Rodent, Forest of India, Indian Desert, Marshes of West coast and Exotic Island. The world’s largest zoo will have 100 different species of birds, animals and reptiles.


Gujrat Zoo

It is said that the zoo will have cheetah, African lion, Indian wolf, jaguar, Asiatic lion, pygmy hippo, lemur, orangutan, fishing cat, Bengal tiger, sloth bear, Malayan tapir, zebra, gorilla, Komodo dragon and African elephant and many more to the list. It is said that the zoo will be launched in 2023.

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