How Digital Marketing plays crucial role in effective business?

Facing difficulties to bring good leads to your business? lacking knowledge of where you got stuck and how to enhance your business? then ‘Digital Marketing’ comes to your rescue. Digital Marketing is one of the main pillars for upcoming and established companies to strengthen their roots in the competitive world. Here is a write up to know about the digital marketing concepts and how to implement them in a practical scenario. Digital marketing means marketing products and providing services through digital channels that include social media platforms, email marketing, search engines and other websites using unique techniques.


One needs to know more about the fundamentals of marketing before planning to spread their businesses to capture the market. No business will get success if they don’t have their websites or networking platforms to tell about their business. 

Using digital marketing techniques one can get profits and take their products successfully into the public. Marketing is nothing but a business or action of promoting and selling the products or providing services. Selling a product is not as easy as we think it needs a bunch of techniques and communication skills to generate a lead. Marketing is a science and not creativity. Many misconceptions are hovering over digital marketing that many business people think that just advertisements are enough to seel their product but shockingly this will not work in every scenario. Marketing is the basic step before we manufacture a product and we need to do a lot of research and understand the customers’ needs

Communication: To achieve great scales in business, communication plays a pivotal role and effective communication makes your work easier to sell your product or services. Providing appropriate solutions to costumers’ problems or providing exact services will helps to grow the business. Strong communication skills help to maintain a good relationship with the customer and it will build trust. It will help to build your brand in the market.



Customer Satisfaction: Marketing is not all about selling the products but the satisfaction of customers is main to increase the sales in the market. Satisfied customers will remain loyal to the company for life long and will stick to the products or services. Customer satisfaction is the main pillar in marketing fundamentals. Building a brand gives the company a unique identity in the market. It helps to attract costumers by maintaining brand value.

Consistency: It is one of the main factors to build the product and customer always knows what to get from a product. Therefore, one needs to be very clear about what the brand reflects and what the company is going to provide to the costumers. Need to chalk out the strategies on how to get recognised in the market. Customers experiences will promote trust which will increase sales. 

Community: Establishing a particular community will increase the brand value and target the right customers who have same-minded people. An established brand will allow grabbing the attention of like-minded customers which helps to increase the community.

Content: Content is king in every business and one can grab the attention of costumers in the community with good content only. Clear content will make the costumers to identify what they want from the product and services. The main components of marketing are copywriting, advertising and sales. 

Now, let us know about Digital Marketing and Traditional marketing. Allocating budget for marketing is important and will be fruitful only after it reaches the right audiences. Implementing the right strategies to target the right audience will convert the leads to conversion. The only difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is a difference in mediums and the principles are the same. In both traditional and digital, the main target is to communicate with the customers effectively.

Traditional Marketing: It is one of the old practises to market the products and services with the customers to generate leads. The traditional market uses magazines, television, radio, billboards, newspapers, pamphlets and flyers are medium to attract customers attention. Traditional marketing is a little big expensive and it is good for general use. One can’t measure the ROI as we are communicating with a vast population.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing plays a crucial role in creating more leads in the present competitive world. Digital marketing has more techniques to grabs users attention and generates leads. Digital marketing uses social media, blogs, SEO, SEM, emails and websites are mediums to communicate with the right targetted costumers. With the help of digital marketing one can focuses on a particular target audience for their product. The cost of digital marketing is very low compared to traditional marketing. One can measure the ROI with the help of Google Analytics. 


Traditional and Digital marketing has both pros and cons. Some products need to go for traditional marketing. TV advertisements help products to reach more and more people. To target a particular audience one needs to use social media to target the particular audience. One must develop strategies based on the products and goals before developing the marketing strategy. The marketing strategies will be developed only after choosing the product and goals. The marketing funnel is the best way to choose marketing strategies to convert the leads.

CATT MARKETING FUNNEL:  The main agenda of marketing is to convert the leads into sales. CATT funnel is used to create wealth with effective marketing and selling. The formula is wealth = n^CATT. CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust and Transaction. 

Finding Niche: The most important thing in marketing is identifying the niche. Niche focuses on individual or companies interest and skillsets to compare with other competitors and secure a specific position in the market. Selecting a niche is a collection of passion, talent and market. Choosing the correct niche will bring wealth and success. One needs to take feedback from the customers on the selected niche.


CATT means Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction.

Content: Generating unique content on your niche will make you to communicate effectively with the customers. The unique content will build a relationship between the product and the customers. The content might be in the form of video, audio, poster, image or writings.

Attention:  Choosing the right niche will not work if one fails to focus attention on the content which will increase the traffic using social media, referrals, SEO and paid ads.

Trust: Trust is one of the major aspects to build a strong relationship with customers. Good communication helps to maintain a relationship with consumers. Building trust with consumers helps to increase sales and brand value with the help of marketing, tripwire and retargeting.

Transaction:  This the final step in the funnel marketing to convert leads into conversions and is all due to the trust we build with the customers. One can do the transactions by conducting webinars, sales calls and sales pages. calls.


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