Igloo stay in Manali, a dream destination of our childhood, honeymooners

Igloo Stay Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India, Igloo house

Who doesn’t want to spend some secluded moments with their darlings in Igloo? Of course, everyone hungers to stay at least one night at igloo amidst the heaps of snow. But it is a million-dollar question to visit Eskimo region to stay at their houses right!! No worries, here is a way to trench your inner thirst of staying one night at Igloo with your sweetheart. Yeah, Igloo house in Manali is waiting to amaze you with abundant of snow heaps and candlelight dinners. Wanna experience Igloo stay with your buddies? Then just give quick scroll down to know more about Igloo house staying in Manali.

Igloo Stay, Manali – Himachal PradeshIgloo Stay Manali, Igloos in India, Himachal Pradesh,

Manali, a magical destination where our childhood dreams of staying at Igloo house comes true in extreme winters. Go romantic this winter at Igloo stay in Manali in the heart of snow-crowned Himalayas by cherishing the adventurous snow activities like Skiing, Snowboarding, tub sliding, sledge sliding and many more to the list.

Bonefire, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Igloo stay Manali Nature of Hampta/Sethan valley comes alive during winters with showering snow droplets and beckons the tourists with snow carpeted valley. One can also experience bonfire evenings in the mid of snow heaps relishing barbeque and background score will surely enhance the joy of your folk trip. 

India’s First Igloo Stay

The amazing Igloo stays in Manali is a brainchild of Vikas and Tashi Dorje and they are the reason behind to make our dreams true with Igloo houses first in India. Leave all your routine worries and get lost in nature of Manali and especially at Keylinga Himalayan Adventures Igloo stays. Play like a child with snow bergs and compete with your buddies in making of the snowman and adventurous activities like Skiing, snowboarding, etc.Skiing, Winter, Manali, Igloo Stay house, Igloo house ManaliTwo persons can experience a memorable night stay in a majestic Igloo amidst bone-chilling minus degree temperatures at outside. It offers great everlasting moments to honeymooners to share their lovable thoughts with your sweetheart in tranquil nature. It is not an exaggeration to tell that you can’t hear any noise and you can hear the heartbeats of your love and warmth breaths. The bed inside the Igloo is completely made up of snow, no worries necessary blankets and clothes will be provided. No need to step into the Arctic region to cherish the beauty of snow-crowned valleys and Igloos. Igloo stays in Manali is an extravaganza destination to enjoy snow world to the core. 

Budget-Friendly Igloo Stays:Manali, Winter, Himachal Pradesh, Igloo House India

Yes, accommodation in unique Igloo houses in Manali is completely budget-friendly and it costs Rs 5,500 per person per night stay including breakfast, lunch, dinner and hot drinks. No need to bring blankets as they are provided. Bring a pair of woollen socks, sunglasses, caps and necessary medicines. Tube Sliding, Skiing, Igloo making and slide ride are complementary. Visitors need to bare transportation charges both ways from base camp to Igloo site and it costs Rs 3500 per four members, sharable among co-passengers. Various packages are also available for Igloo Stays in Manali. You can check here. 

Best time to visit Igloo Stays in Manali:

To experience your vacation at Igloo houses in Manali, pay a visit in between mid-January to mid-March before the snow starts melting.

 Definitely, at the end of the trip, you will fall in love with Igloos in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Leave only footprints and take abundant of lovable memories.

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