Kizhi Pogost, 300-year-old Wooden Church Of Russia built without a single nail

Kizgi Pogost, Russia, Wooden Church

Humans create many wonders from ancient period to modern age and the brilliance of humans is highly appreciable. Many inventions, discoveries and architectures tell all about the greatness of mankind. Even today, many ancient man-made architectures render jaw-dropping moments to all and sundry. Today we touringwala are going to explore one of the beautiful destinations over the blue planet which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors with its unique majestic architecture. Yeah, Kizhi Pogost, a wooden church of Russia which is constructed without using a single nail. Amazing right!! just scroll down to know more about the place.

Wow! Wooden Church Without Single Nail!!!

Nestled on the heart of world’s renowned Kizhi, a small island of Kizhi archipelago in Lake Onega of Russia, Kizhi Pogost is one of the magnificent wooden architectural wonders of the world. One can witness many architectures over this beautiful Kizhi island which were moved from different parts of Karelia for preservation. Now it turned into an open-air museum which homes tens of ancient wooden architectures. Kizhi Pogost is the cynosure of the locale which throbs the hearts of visitors with its majestic looks and great tales.Kizigi Pogost, Wooden Church, Russia

This 18th century UNESCO heritage listed Pogost homes two exquisite wooden churches and a bell tower on the premises. It intricate the art lovers with its exquisite carvings and beautiful domes known as cupolas. It is surprised to know that the church is completely made up with wooden and without using a single nail. Amazing right!! During that period, the architects used a scribe-fitting method to interconnect the logs with each other and they avoid using the nails. They beautifully carved every part of the wood of pogost and especially the domes. It resonates the impeccable architectural brilliance of that period.Kizgi Pogost Wooden church Russia

This 22 domed Transfiguration Church astound the visitors with a large iconostasis, a wall with religious arts and paintings. It is very common in Russia to have two churches, according to the seasons. During summers, the heat in Russia is severe, the ventilation of this church allow the people to use it as a summer church. During winters, the Church of the Intercession which is on the premises is used to offer the prayers. They underwent small renovations, but without using any other materials, the silver coloured domes over the top of the church and bell tower fascinate all and sundry.

 Kizhi Pogost Google Map

When you were on a trip to Russia, never give a miss to capture the beautiful vistas of Kizhi Pogost which is an architectural masterpiece of the world. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, travel is restricted to the place and please stay tune to touringwala for travel updates.

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