Know Everything About 700 years Old Balkampet Renuka Yellamma Temple, Telangana

Balkampet Renuka Yellamma temple

Ashada brings monsoon drizzles and also festive fervour to Deccan state ‘Telangana’ and moreover to Hyderabadis. Every corner of the twin cities resonates the cultural heritage of Telangana with unique Bonalu rituals, folk and pothuraju processions, etc. During this month, millions of Telanganites draped themselves in a tradition outfits to visit the nearest shakti temple to offer Bonalu and animal sacrifices to mother goddess Mahankali. Bonalu festival celebrates with much pomp in a couple of temples across Telangana. Renuka Yellamma Temple of Balkampet is one among them where mother goddess Renuka Yellanna blesses devotees from a well and devotees make a beeline to this temple in Ashada month.

Balkampet  Renuka Yellamma Temple

Cuddled in the heart of Hyderabad, Balkampet Renuka Yellama temple is just a few stones away from Ameerpet. This 700-year-old Renuka Yellamma temple of Balkampet draw the attention of spiritualists from across the nation with colourful processions, special rituals and historical significance. The mammoth temple tower and a huge statue of mother goddess on the temple premises remain as a cynosure of the locale and takes everyone into trance.

Renuka Yellamma bless the devotees from a well and to seek the blessings from goddess Yellamma one needs to descend 10 feet from ground level through steps. After descending a few steps, the views of Renuka Yellama in a reclining posture over a well enhance the divinity among the devotees. The idol of Yellamma is clad in a gold and adorned with vivid types of jeweleries and blossoms.

Besides the idol of Yellamma, one can find the traces of water, which is pumped out from the well with a help of a motor. Devotees stands in a queue to receive the holy water from the well which is believed to cure all their health and personal problems. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of this temple one must have to pay a visit to drench in the spirituality. Flocks of pilgrims make a beeline to this temple especially during Sunday and Tuesday. Goddess Pochamma is considered as the Kshetrapalaka of this temple.One can also pay a visit to other temples on the premises of the main temple including Lord Ganesh, Nagadevatha and Pochamma.

Who Is Renuka Yellamma?

According to Hindu mythology, Renuka is the daughter of king Renuka Raja and she was married to a sage named Jamdhagni. The couple blessed with a son named Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. One day Renuka failed to complete her regular household work which made Jamdhagni angrier. The fed-off Jamdhagni ordered his five sons to behead Renuka. Except Parashurama, all other sons refused to do harm to their mother and later they were burnt into ashes by a gaze of Jamdhagni. Besides this, Renuka was sheltered in woman’s house of nearby village and do penance for Lord Shiva to protect her from angry of Jamdhagni. With the order of Jamdhagni, Parashurama searched every village with an axe to kill his mother.

One day he found his mother Renuka and beheaded her and accidentally he also beheaded the other lady Yellamma too. The pleased Jamdhagni blessed his son to ask any boon, therefore, Parashurama asked his son to bless the lives of his brothers, mother and the villager Yellamma. But, unfortunately, the heads of Renuka and Yellamma were interchanged with each other. Later, Jamdhagni agreed to accept the lady with Renuka body. From then, the villager with Renuka head was called as Yellamma which means the mother of the universe.

History of Renuka Yellamma Temple

According to the local legend, once this locale was flourished with full of greenery and paddy fields. One day a farmer of this village dug a well for agriculture purpose. While he was digging the well he found a stone with a carving of a goddess. With the help of other villagers, he kept all his efforts to move the rock from the well but it in vain. Therefore, the villagers decided to build a temple at the same place for the mother goddess. Within a couple of days, the power of the goddess spread all around the nearby villages and they used to believe that the water of the well has the power to cure all the skin problems. Various renovations took place in the temple during the early 20th century.

Bonalu Festival at Renuka Yellamma Temple

Telangana Bonalu

Balkampet Yellamma temple is one of the prominent temples of twin cities where Bonalu festival celebrates with full merry. It is really an eye fest for all the devotees and visitors to capture the dazzling Bonalu celebrations at Balkampet Yellamma temple. During Bonalu festival, thousands of devotees visit this temple to offer animal sacrifice to the goddess Yellamma who is believed as an incarnation of goddess Kali. As a tradition, the devotees of a particular place used to make processions with Palaharam bandi to this temple, amidst the folk songs. It is the best place to capture the views of traditional processions, pothuraju dance forms, shiva shakthi punakalu.

Pay a visit to Balkampet Renuka Yellamma temple when you are Hyderabad trip.

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