Komodo National Park, The Land Of Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons Park

Discovering every part of nature is so magical to everyone. How beautiful is it to experience the beauty of flowers, mountains, rivers, wildlife, oceans and many hidden gems which are studded on the lap of nature? To make our touringwala readers day more special, today we have come up with Komodo National Park, the land of Komodo dragons and engendered species of flora and fauna. Look no further, give a quick scroll down to step into the Komodo’s land of the blue planet.

Komodo National Park

Komodo Dragons


Komodo National Park is nestled in the mid of the Indonesian archipelago that lies between Sumbawa and Flores islands. This UNESCO listed nature park is consists of numerous islands in which Rinca, Komodo and Padar are very familiar with its nature. It is an all-year-round destination that enchants the visitors with all kinds of activities like nature sightseeing, adventure and wildlife.

The abundance of wildlife, coral reefs, marine species and especially the world’s largest living lizard species ‘Komodo dragons’ fascinate the tourists. This region faces two seasons namely dry and wet season. The dry season is the best time to visit this locale which falls from April to December. July is the mating season for this lizard species and there is a large scope for seeing the Komodos in groups. Therefore, hundreds of visitors book their trips to this place during these months.


Komodo Dragons national park

Today, the Komodos thrives in their thousands and plenty of tour operators offer various packages to seem them in very close. One can see the Komodos which lies here and there in the national park. This trip will make everyone to feel that they were in the Jurassic period. The magnificent looks and their wild behaviour of Komodo dragons, savannas and many more to fascinate all and sundry. If you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to capture the moments that Komodo’s attacking their preys. Finally, it is a perfect hideaway to enjoy with your friends and family.

Batu Cermin Cave
Credited as one of the most tourist-centric destinations of Komodo national park, Batu Cermin cave aka Mirror Rock. It is a natural limestone cave, located at Labuan Bajo of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesian archipelago. Only ten visitors are allowed at a time to visit the cave, to protect it from human exposing. Sun rays fall on the surface of the cave walls and due to the salt particles on the walls, it reflects like a mirror. One can view the fossils of coral reefs, turtles and other marine species over the wall of Batu Cermin Cave.

Pink Beach


Pink beach Indonesia
Apart from visiting Komodo dragons, give a go to Pink Beach which is nearly two hours of boating from the park. It is a perfect gateway to spend a few moments on the shores of the Pacific which makes your jaw drop with its pink sand beaches. The beach is stretched with white sand with few red corals which make the beach pink in colour. The immaculate beach and placid waters of the locale can’t resist oneself to take a dive.

Diving & Snorkeling


Snorkelling Indonesia
Komodo national park is the best diving spot and is lies in the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle. Thrills the adventure bees with its marine species. Get ready to indulge in water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. Swim along with the aqua creatures and cherish rare vistas of coral reefs and vibrant fishes. Divers can enjoy more than hundreds of coral reefs, mangrove forest, fishes, whales, dolphins, sharks, green turtles and many more. It is an impeccable destination for adventure bees.

Where To Stay

Numerous accommodation facilities are available around the Komodo national park. One can also avail villas or resorts at Labuan Bajo.

How To Reach The Komodo National Park

To reach the park, one needs to fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo. From then, take a dive tour, liveaboard trip or private cruise. One can also take a ferry ride from Bali to Labuan Bajo, which takes nearly three days.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to this amazing destination and have memorable and adventurous moments.

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