Konaseema, the best place to celebrate ‘Sankranti festival’ amidst cascades of Godavari

Konaseema, Sankranti, pongal

Every corner of Telugu states is getting ready to celebrate ‘Sankranti’ amidst vibrant cultural traditions. If you are the one who is on a plan to cherish Sankranti in the mid of serene environ and age-old dazzling customs, then Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh is an impeccable destination to trench your inner thirst. Come celebrate this Sankranti by exploring the beauty of coconut grooves, cascading river Godavari in magnificent Konaseema. Here are the best ways to celebrate Sankranti in Konaseema. 

 Celebrate Sankranti in God’s own creationKonaseema, Amalapuram, Sankranti, Peruru Village

Konaseema, a magnificent destination of Andhra Pradesh which enraptures the visitors with beautiful village nativity. Sankranti is one of the auspicious festivals of Konaseema region and is celebrated with much pop for four days. Telugu people who settled across the different parts of blue planet throngs to their native places to drench in true traditions. It is a great landscape to experience vibrant traditions, bullock cart rides, cockfights, kite flying, famous religious shrines and many other traditions.

Bhogi-First day of Sankranti

Bhogi Mantalu, Konaseema, Sankranti, Andhra Pradesh

Bhogi, the very first day of the festival is more significant to soak in the wellness of age-old traditions. The people of Konaseema will immerse in ritual baths before sunrise and drape themselves in new clothes. Later, as a part of traditional rituals, everyone will gather at a place and set a bonfire and remains a great time to recall childhood memories. Konaseema people believe that the bonfire (Bhogi Manta) will help to get rid them from obstacles in life and is a good sign for coming life. Women and children indulge in adorning the premises with colourful rangolis to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. Later, amidst traditional songs and beats, women place ‘Gobbemma’ (made with cow dung) in the mid of rangoli and worship the goddess. The inner cause of this tradition is to bring everyone closer to mother nature. Wanna experience a beautiful tradition? Then visit any home in which elders of the family used to pour ‘Bhogi Pallu’ (Juju bees) over the head of children and they will believe that it will get rid of evil things. 

Sankranti- Harvesting festivalKonaseema, Sankranti, harvest festival, Andhra Pradesh

Celebrated as the biggest festival of Andhra Pradesh, Sankranti is much celebrated in Konaseema, the Godavari region. Sankranti, the harvesting festival of the state will drench every folk in happiness and joy with bountiful of paddy. During this harvesting festival, people love to spend their moments with their family member amidst the verdure nature. Every tradition during this festival is associated with nature and wants to bring humans closer to nature and animals. The theme behind rangolis with rice floor is to provide food to the ants and insects. How great our ancestors who gave importance to every creature on the earth.Konaseema, Sankranti, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh

Stroll across lavish coconut grooves to cherish the beauty of mother nature during harvest festival. During Sankranti, many people will visit religious shrines and gather with their family members and relish the delicious traditional food. Every corner of the villages resonates the traditional customs like dances of Gangireddulu, stories of Pittala Dora, chanting of Haridasulu and traditional programs will add more joy to your festive mood.

 Kanuma – Jaggannathota Prabhala TheerthamKonaseema, Sankranti, Kanuma, Bullock Cart

The third day of the festival is called as Kanuma and is more significant to farmers. On this Kanuma, farmers used to adorn their cattle with beautiful decorations and worship them. On this day, the farmers come closer to animals which helps them in agriculture and other daily works. If you are on Konaseema tour on kanuma festival, then give a go to Jagganna Thota to take part in ‘Prabhala Theertham’. Hundreds of visitors, locals from various corners of Konaseem make a beeline to this splendorous nature destination to catch a glimpse of the dazzling procession which dates back its origin to 400 years back.  

‘Prabhalu’ is specially embellished bamboo arches which are adorned with vivacious clothes and they are worshipped as the replicas of Lord Shiva. People of 150 Konaseema villages partake in this 400-year-old tradition and compete with each other to make the tallest Prabha. This historical festival celebrated with much pop in Jagganna Thota, Kothapeta and Ambajipeta. Villagers of Mukkamala, Pulletikurru, Irusumanda, Gunnepalli Agraharam, Vyagreswaram, Gangalkurru and Gangalakurru Agraharam will come in a procession with majestic Prabhalu through lavish fields and cascading streams. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of this tradition one must pay a visit to enjoy nature to the core. 

A day on the lap of Konaseema during this harvest festival Sankranti will bring extravaganza to your festive mood. Never give a miss to experience the beauty of turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal. 

We Touringwala wishes you a very Happy Sankranti….

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