Krishnastami special: Dwarka, an abode of Lord Sri Krishna

Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu born 5000 years ago on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in Mathura, Dwapar Yuga. Today on the occasion of Krishnastami, we take you to a beautiful tour to Dwarka in Gujarat. Dwarka, the submerged devbhoomi of Lord Sri Krishna is glittering with lavish nature and age-old architectures.

Dwarakadish TempleDwarakadish temple, Dwarka, Gujarat

Situated at the Gomati creek, the five-storied Dwarakadish temple throbs the hearts of devotees with spirituality. According to Hindu mythology, Dwarakadish temple was constructed by Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Lod Sri Krishna 2,500 years ago. The magnificent temple architecture and exuberant nature make everyone to fall in love with the locale. One can capture two gateways namely Moksha Dwara and Swarga Dwara.

Rukmini Mandir

Located just 2 km away from the Dwarka city, Rukmini Mandi is one of the most visited temples of the locale. Rukmini, the consort of Lord Sri Krishna and temple fascinate every visitor with its elegant architecture. The beautiful carvings over the walls of the temple and serenity of the locale rejuvenate everyone. One can catch a glimpse of Rukmini Matha and other deities in the main sanctum. Watch carefully, the miniature carvings over the pillars of the 2500 year-old Sabhamandapa takes you into a trance.

Dunny point marine camp

Wanna experience the true nature of Dwarka, then give a go for Dunny point situated at Beyt Dwarka. Ranked as the first eco-tourism spot of Gujrat where tourists can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. This coral island awestruck visitors with different species of marine life and tranquil waters. A day on the lap of this nature will surely amaze the visitors.

Beyt Dwarka – the original abode of Lord KrishnaDolphin, Dwarka, Gujarat

Believed as the original abode of Lord Krishna Bey Dwarka is surrounded by turquoise waters. Many archaeological excavations took place here strengthen that it is an abode of Lord Krishna. It is the perfect place to capture the rare views of dolphins and other aquatic creatures. Tens of thousands of visitors make a beeline to this spot to enjoy marine excursions and beach camping.

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Nestled atop of hillock, Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir is another breathtaking spot of Dwarka. Surrounded by crystal clear sea waters, Bhadkkeshwar Mahadev temple is an abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees can reach the temple during low tides. One can capture 1200 Salagramshilas and 1300 Shiva Lingas in the temple premises. A view of this temple will leave unforgettable memories to one’s trip. Never give a miss to this temple where sea waters submerge the temple daily.

Gopi Talab

Gopu Talab or Gopi Talav is one of the exquisite landscape of Dwarka. It is said that Lord Krishna used this place to meet gopikas. Now, devotees who visited this place use the fragrant clay of the pond as tilak. No one can resist themselves to praise the beauty of this pond which renders beautiful vistas.

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