Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, a great historical heritage of Bidar

Muhmad Gawan madrasa, Bidar, Karnataka, Heritage of Bidar

Situated in the heart of Karnataka, Bidar is one of the stupendous destinations of the state that flourishes with abundant of scenic and historic landscapes. From age-old historical monuments to spiritual destinations, Bidar allure the visitors with its vast historical tales. Mahmud Gawan Madarsa is one such destination that recites the great tales of Bhamani reign. We Touringwala accelerated our bikes towards Bidar to cherish the monsoon drizzles amidst the historical heritage and captured lovable memories for our readers. What are you waiting for? Give a quick scroll down to everything about magnificent archaeological monument Mahmud Gawan Madarsa of Bidar.

Who built this architectural marvel?Muhmad Gwan Madrsa, Bidar, touringwala

Snuggled in between historical Chowbara (clock tower) and majestic Bidar Fort, Mahmud Gawan Madrasa welcome the visitors with mammoth architecture and great heritage. Constructed in the year 1472 by Khwaja Mahmud Gawan, a Persian merchant who migrated to Bahamani Sultanate in 1453 AD. Mahmud Gawan impressed Bahamani rulers with his loyalty and knowledge. Very soon he became the prime minister of the kingdom. Gawan was well versed in Mathematics, Persian language and Islamic lore. He spent his most of the money to promote education. To provide better education, Mahmud Gawan constructed a madrasa , a residential university in 1472 at Bidar, then the capital of Bahamanis.

Architecture and importance of Mahmud Gawan MadarsaMuhmad Gwan Madrasa, Bidar, Karnataka

Resembles like madrasa of Central Asia, Mahmud Guwan Madrasa of Bidar is an exquisite example of Persian architecture. Standing majestically over the raised platform, the three-storyed monument ‘Mahmud Gawan Madrasa’ was once flourished with tens of thousands of scholars and students. The architecture of this monument astounds visitor with red-coloured tall minaret and beautiful architectural works. Once this monument glittered with two large arches which allow entering into a portico and four 100 feet tall minarets but now one can catch a glimpse of only one minaret at a northeast corner which is decorated with blue, green and white coloured mosaic tiles. The façade of madrasa was also covered with beautiful Persian-style coloured tiles. A verse from the Quran is written on top of the building that reads “Peace be on you that are good, so enter it forever”.

Muhmad Gawan madrasa, Bidar, Karnataka, Heritage of Bidar, Touringwala

There were thirty-six rooms for students, Six separate rooms for professors and student cubicles. Now, once can pay a visit to a mosque which is a part of madrasa. During that period, the madrasa was home to a library with more than 3000 books. It is said that the madrasa provided accommodation for more than 1000 students who visit here from abroad to learn philosophy, theology, astronomy, Arabic, mathematics and Persian. The intricating jalli work, domes and arches with beautifully carved designs amaze the visitors. Listen carefully every corner of madrasa recites the great tales about Mahmud Gawan and his knowledge. It is the place where hundreds of scholars from across the world gained knowledge.

Why Mahmud Gawan was sentenced to death?

Unfortunately, Mahmud Gawan who rendered his services to expand the kingdom of Bahamani Sultanate was sentenced to death by the sultanate. Bahamani kingdom witnessed huge victory under the guidance of Gawan. The administrative reforms introduced by Gawan raised hatred among Deccan governors and they plotted a sketch to kill Gawan. One day, they forged a letter with Gawan’s seal inviting the king of Orissa to attack the Bahamani Kingdom. The letter was handed over to sultan who was in a drunken state. The angrier Sultan without verifying the truth ordered to behead the Gawan on the spot. After the death of Gawan, the Bahamani Kingdom witnessed pitfall and lost its glory.

How the monument was damaged?

Muhmad Gwan Madrasa, Karnataka, Bidar

The death of Gawan was a severe loss to madrasa but it glittered in good condition for two centuries. But, it witnessed severe damage during the reign of Aurangzeb. In the year 1696, Bidar was captured by the Mughal army under the leadership of Aurangzeb. The building was used to store gun powder. An accidental explosion of gunpowder in the edifice cause severe damage to the monument. Half part and minarets of the monument were damaged during the explosion.

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A trip to Bidar will render bountiful of amazing memories to one’s trip. Every corner of this hilltop destination offers something for every visitor.

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