Pay a visit to Mother Teresa’s Tomb at Kolkata

Mother teresa tomb

No one will forget the great humanity of Saint Mother Teresa who extended her helping hand for the needy. We all know that she was the one who devoted her life for poor and diseased people. Every corner of Kolkata and especially slum areas homes a lot of stories of her kindness and charity. Today, the entire world recollects the memories of Mother Teresa on birth anniversary and this day is observed as International Day Of Charity. We touringwala are going to bring out the place where Mother Theresa spent her days in Kolkata and laid to final rest, Mother Teresa tomb.

Kolkata, one of the busiest cities of India where one will experience the hectic lifestyle but it also homes a peaceful locale where once Mother Teresa resided. The Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity is located at A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata and it has been home for Mother Teresa and other sisters from many years. It is the place which was witnessed the greatness of Mother Teresa and now one can catch a glimpse of things which was used by Saint Teresa.

Mother Teresa’s Tomb

The great human and mother of all ‘Mother Teresa’ left the world on 5th September 1997 and she was laid to rest on 13 September beneath the ground floor of Mother’s House. From then, it became a pilgrim site which witnesses tens of thousands of visitors from across the world. The serene environment at the Mother’s tomb makes the visitors get relief from their problems and is the perfect place to do meditation. Visitors of Mother’s House offer prayers at Mother’s Tomb and keep their prayer petitions in the box which is placed on the Mother Teresa’s tomb. During Friday’s special mass will be organised at Mother’s tomb and one can also get blessed by a relic of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa’s room

It is the place where Mother Teresa prayed the Jesus, worked, lived and even took her last breath on her bed. Now one can see a few things which were used by Mother Teresa. The small bed, wooden tables shows how simple her lifestyle was. It is said that, before the last breath, Mother Teresa looked intensely at a crown of thorn and cross which was hanging over the wall. Still, we can see them in the room.

Mother Teresa’s Exhibition

Adjacent to the Mother’s tomb, one can pay a visit to a small exhibition which showcases the things and objects which was once used by Mother Teresa. Opened in the year 2005 and is entitled as ‘Mother Teresa’s Life, Spirit and Message’. It exhibits the handwritten letters of Mother Teresa and her personal things like saree, crucifix, sandals and many more to the list.

Definitely, a visit to Mother House will let everyone to know the importance of life.

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