Prabhala Theertham, a 400-year-old Sankranti tradition of Konaseema, Jaggannathota

Prabhala Theertham, Jagganna Thota Prabhala Theertham

Planning to experience this Sankranti amidst true Telugu traditions and scenic nature? Baffled to choose the exotic place among myriads of destinations? Fret not, today we Touringwala are going to explore a 400-year-old tradition which captivates everyone with dazzling celebrations during the harvest festival ‘Sankranti’. Prabhala Theertham of Konaseema is celebrated with much merriment amidst the cascades of the mighty river Godavari, swaying of trees, misty breezes passing through turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal. Just give a quick scroll down to know more about vibrant possessions of beautifully adorned ‘Prabhalu’.

Jagganna Thota Prabhala Theertham – Konaseema Sankranti special

Prabhala Theertham or Prabhala Panduga is celebrated with much enthusiasm on the third day of Sankranti festival ‘Kanuma’. Nature of Konaseema comes alive during winter seasons and especially on Sankranti. Every corner of this nature destination resonates the true nativity of Telugu traditions. On Kanuma day, farmers of the vicinity come closer to nature and will decorate their cattle with colourful costumes and flowers. Tens of thousands of visitors and villagers of Konaseema make a beeline to Jagganna Thota to explore the exquisite beauty of Prabhala Theertham, a 400-year-old tradition of Konaseema which commenced during Pitapuram Rajas. 

Why Prabhala Theertham is more significant in Konaseema?Prabhala Theertham, Jagganna Thota Prabhaal Theertham, Konaseema

The people of Konaseema are enrooted with age-old traditions from their ancestors and still strictly follows the customs. From ancient days, Konaseema villagers used to partake in the processions of Prabhalu to Jaggannathota. ‘Prabhalu’, specially adorned bamboo arches decorated with colourful costumes and considered as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and goddess Durga Devi. Nearly, 150 villages of Konaseema will participate in Prabhala Theertham and busy in competing with each other in making tallest Prabha. The grandeur of Prabhala Theertham spellbinds the visitors with its mammoth sizes and spectacular decorations. The beauty of Prabhalu will be enhanced after it decorated with peacock feathers and paddy grains. The festival celebrates with much ease across Jaggannathota, Kothapeta and Ambajipeta. It’s really an eye feast for visitors to capture the beautiful vistas of Prabhala processions from Mukkamala, Irusumanda, Gunnepalli Agrhaaram, Pulletikurru, Vyagreswaram, Gangalakurru, Pulletikurru and Gangalakurru Agraharam which traverse through lavish coconut grooves, paddy fields and cascading streams.

 Mythological legends behind Prabhala Theertham

As per Hindu mythology, on the day of Kanuma, Eka Dasha Rudras (incarnation of Lord Shiva) will pay a visit to Jagganna Thota and hold meetings over to solve the problems of mankind. Jagganna Thota is considered as the land of gods. People of Konaseema believes that crossing of Prabhalu from the village outskirts during Uttarayana after Makara Sankranti will bring good luck to them. 

 Why Prabhala Theertham is celebrated?Prabhala Teertham

Prabhala Theertham will be observed at Jagganna Thota which is snuggled in between Irusumanda and Mosallapalli villages and is just 11 km away from Ambajipeta. The Prabhalu Utsavalu is celebrated at a seven-acre coconut field where there exists no temple or religious symbols. As per a local legend, once upon a time, there exists a saint named as Vitala Jagganna performed daily rituals after taking ritual baths in Kaushika (name of a stream) adjacent to Mosallapalili village. He used to have meals under a banyan tree behind the stream. The people of Mosallapalli considered it as a sin as he was having meals behind the idol of the goddess. Angry over his behaviour, villagers complained to the representatives of Nawabs. After knowing about his greatness and skills Nawab donated 400 acres of land including the banyan tree to him. From then, he used to celebrate Prabhalu Theertham to tell that there exists no untouchability and everyone is equal under the eyes of the god. It is the reason behind every folk with irrespective of caste and creed carries the Prabha over their shoulders during the procession.

 Prabhala Theertham – a godly meeting of Eka Dasha Rudras

The Prabhalu from 11 villages (Shiva Temples) of Konaseema considered as the incarnation of Eka Dasha Rudras named as Veereshwara Swamy, Chenna Malleshwara Swamy from Gangalkurru Agraharam, Vyagreshwara Swamy along with his consort Sri Bala Tripura Sundari from Vyagreshwaram, Menakeshwara Swamy from K Pedapudi, Anandeshwara Swamy from Irusumanda, Vishweshwara Swamy from Vakkalanka, Chenna Malleshwara Swamy from Nedunuru, Raghaveshwara Swamy from Mukkamala, Chenna Malleshwara Swamy from Palagummi, Abhinava Vyagreshwara Swamy from Pulletikurru along with Bogheshwara Swamy of Mosallapalli will gather Jaggana Thota. 

Interesting things to know about Prabhala Theertham

  • Ganagalakurru Prabhalu will remain as the cynosure of the procession as it traverses through paddy fields, Kaushika (stream) and coconut grooves.
  • Even the Prabha traverse through streams but no water drop will not be sprinkled on it.
  • Vyageshwaram Prabha is considered as the head of the meeting as a sign of honour remaining Prabhalu will be lifted when it arrives. Devotees offer prayers only after Vyageshwara Prabha reach the locale. 

Definitely, Prabhala Theertham will add extravaganza to your Sankranti trip in Konaseema.

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