Srinivas Rao, an unmistakable entrepreneur

Srinivas Rao Bonthu is the chairman of Touringwala groups and is one of the topmost and popular entrepreneurs in India. There are many more other aspects about him that are worth knowing. His personality and achievements inspiring the aspiring young generation. He aimed to bring changes in the lives of women who are living in rural India by strengthening their hidden talent to earn some bucks. After stepping out from JNTU Hyderabad with an MCA degree, Srinivas Rao desired to do something for the poor women who are not in a position to provide proper food and clothes to their children. He always dreamt of them who are under the shadow due to the lack of proper guidance and a helping hand. He wanted to turn himself as a helping hand to the rural women and to support them in the modern world which moves on a paster phase in the name of urbanisation.

In the year 2018, Srinivas Rao kickstarted the touringwala website and worked hard to take his objectives into the public through it. After continuous efforts, constant patience he visited many villages and approached village heads to tell about how he wants to bring changes in their lives. To achieve victory, he got trained in Digital Marketing which changed his life and paved the route to fulfil his dreams. With his digital marketing skills, he sold the things and handicrafts made by rural women and filled the confidence among them. Leaving no stone unturned, Srinivas focused on the international market and formed special units across the country which encourages women’s entrepreneurship. Touringwala becomes a big brand and an outstanding platform to sell and buy handmade products which are made by village women. All this was possible through his pragmatic skills.

Finally, in 2025 he received the best entrepreneur award for encouraging rural women to compete in the globalised world. He bought international recognition for the handmade products made by Indian women through his Touringwala groups which earned $103 billion in just five years. Now, he formed many schools in various villages across the nation which will train the children on practical knowledge from their childhood. Srinivas Rao achieved his dreams and now zillions of rural Indian women can provide good food, education, clothes and shelter to their children who are the strong pillars of the next future India.

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