Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple, a prominent Vinayaka temple in Telangana

Every corner of Telugu states is getting ready to immerse in festive fervour as the prominent Hindu festival Vinayaka Chavithi or Ganesh Chathurthi is going to hit the calendar on 22 August. This year, due to the pandemic, the celebrations will be conducted on a low-key affair. Today, we touringwala coming up with a unique Vinayaka temple in Telangana to take you into the trance of spirituality. Swetharka Moola Ganapathi Temple in Kazipet is one of the prominent Vinayaka temples in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Swetharka Moola Ganapathi Temple – Warangal

Nestled in the heart of Warangal, Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple is an abode of self-manifested Lord Vinayaka. Just a few stones away from Kazipet railway station, Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple is a perfect destination to visit during Ganesh Navratri. Here Lord Vinayaka blesses the devotees in the form of Swayambhu. Tens of thousands of devotees make a beeline to this temple to offer rituals to Lord Ganesh and to seek the blessings. The statue in the temple is not carved or sculpted and is self-manifested. The idol has all parts of Lord Ganesh and is formed naturally. 

History Behind Swetharka Moola Ganapathi Temple

Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple. Warangal

According to the local legends, once Lord Ganesha in a celestial dream instructed a devotee name Mallaiah in Nalgonda on his existence in the form of Tella Jilledu on the premises of his house. Later, the devotee searched and found Lord Vinayaka shaped roots of Tella Jilledu and shifted it to Warangal. Amid the presence of thousands of devotees, the temple priests performed Prana Prastista and providing daily rituals from then. Zillions of devotees pay a visit to this temple to drench themselves in the spirituality. The Kalinga styled architecture fascinates all and sundry. One can catch a glimpse of clear eyes, teeth, forehead, legs, wisdom tooth, hands, feet and Mooshika Vahana.

Swetharka Moola Ganapathi

The celestial wedding of Swetharka Moola Ganapathy is celebrated grandly every year and witnessed millions of devotees from across the Telugu states. Words fall short to narrate the beauty of Lord Ganesh during the Abhishekams and one must pay a visit to experience spirituality to the core. There exists other temples on the premises of the temple includes Saraswathi Devi temple, Sai Baba, Santhana Naga Lingeshwara Swamy, Mahalakshmi, Santhoshimata, etc. 

How To Reach: 

The temple is just a few meters away from Kazipet Railway Station and a thirty minutes journey from Hanamkonda. 


There exist multiple private hotels in Kazipet and Hanamkonda. Haritha Kakatiya Hotel in Nakkalagutta, Hanamkonda. 

Google Route Map Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple

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A trip to Swetharka Moola Ganapathi temple during Naravratri will enhance the spirituality.

(Image Credits: Facebook temple official site)

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