Transparent Public Toilets in Tokyo Parks, latest attraction in Japan

Transparent Public Toilets, Tokyo

Do you dare to use a transparent toilet that too amid a public park? Obviously, it will be a nightmare to many of us, right!! But, this strange idea came into true in one of the world’s cleanest countries, Japan. Yeah, Shibuya, Tokyo is now flabbergasting everyone with transparent public toilets which are installed at public parks.

Shigeru Ban Architects initiated the new technology concept of transparent public toilets to change the perception of the people on public toilets. A set of toilets were installed in three parks Ebisu Park (Masamichi Katayama-creator), Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park (Shigeru Ban) and Haru-no-Ogawa Community Park (Shigeru Ban). They will build transparent public toilets at 17 locations in Shibuya and three toilets were opened from August 5th for the public.

Reason Behind Transparent Public toilets

Transparent Public Toilets Tokyo, Japan
The first reason behind installing see-through toilets in public parks is to ensure the cleanliness of a public toilet and the second one is to confirm whether anyone is secretly waiting in it or not. Now, these see-through public toilets are inviting more people to public parks.

What about the privacy of an occupant?
No worries!! once anyone enters into the transparent public toilet and locked the door, automatically the transparent walls turn opaque i.e the walls of the toilet turn powdery pastel shade and no one can see inside. From these, one can identify whether anyone is occupied the restroom or not. During the nights, the transparent public toilets illuminated with colourful lights and glitter like a beautiful lantern in the parks. Next time, when when you are on Japan trip, this see-through toilets will add a unique experience to your trip.

Definitely, the transparent public toilets will be another strange but will render a thrilling experience to the visitors of Tokyo, Japan with privacy too.

(Image credits: Satoshi Nagare/The Nippon Foundation)

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