Valley of Flowers, a fairytale nature destination of Uttarakhand

Valley of flowers, Uttrakhand

Hello, travel freaks… Have you ever heard about a place where a galore of flowers flourish amidst the cascading streams, pleasant misty breezes and lofty snow-crowned mountains? If not, no worries, then this write-up absolutely for you. Today, we Touringwala wanna take yourself into a fairytale destination “Valley of Flowers National Park”, Uttarakhand, a spectacular jewel in the crown of India. Every corner of this valley welcomes you with dazzling flowers. What are you waiting for? Just give a scroll down to drench in the beauty of mother nature.

Valley of Flowers –Uttarakhand             

Uttarakhand, an abode of gods is one of the celestial destinations on the blue planet. It entices the vacationers with its stupendous beauty and words fall short to narrate the beauty of the magnificent Himalayas, turquoise streams and lavish nature. The nature of this Dev-Bhoomi comes alive with vibrant blossoms during monsoon, from June to October. A day in the lap of mother nature at this flower valley will surely rejuvenate everyone from the mundane lifestyle.

valley of flowers, Uttrakhand, India

Nestled in the heart of Uttarakhand, the Valley of flowers is situated at 3368 meters above the sea level and it is a great chance for vacationers to cherish the beauty of the rivers Alakananda and Bhagirathi during the trek. According to historians, in the year 1931, a famous mountaineer Frank S Smith accidentally explored this beautiful land which throbbed his hearts with bountiful of vibrant blossoms. This beautiful flower paradise opens its doors to the tourists globally only in monsoon and takes every visitor into a trance with its pleasant breezes, charming nature and never-ending fragrances of blooms. The exotic nature of this flower valley captivates the visitors with more than 500 different species of flowers which are sprawled across the valley.

Myths over Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers, the world’s heritage site is declared as the national park in the year 1982 by the government of India. Various myths hovering over this fairytale land. According to local legends, deities and fairies wander across this locale and the land is meant for them. Another interesting lore says that the Lord Hanuman picked up the herb Sanjeevani from this valley to give life for Lord Lakshmana.

Valley with full of flowers

Valley of flowers, Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India, Nature

The valley of flowers fascinates the visitors with galore of vibrant wildflowers especially on the banks of river Pushpavathi. It is a great place to capture the endangered and exclusive species of flowers like Brahmakamalam, the cobra Lilly, blue poppies, marigolds, orchids, daisies, primulas, etc. Apart from these, some poisonous flowers also bloom on the land of Nag Tal which is left on the banks of the river. The beauty of the place can’t be explained orally one must experience it.

Snow leopard, Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand, HImalayas, India

The chirping sounds of birds, rhythms of cascading waterfalls, misty cool breezes, crowd of bumblebees, hovering clouds over the colourful valley beckons the trekkers and nature aficionados. To your surprise, the colour of the valley changes every day with different blossomed flowers. In the Alpine forest, some of the endangered animals like Bear, Brown Bear, Asiatic black, red fox, blue sheep and a different variety of birds might    very close to you. Finally, it’s a paradise for nature hearts and daredevils.

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Guys, it’s already monsoon time, the valley of flowers welcome the visitors with zillions of vibrant flowers. Get ready with your buddies to enjoy amidst the sprinkles of glacier streams. But, don’t forget that you are not allowed to stay in the valley during nights. So, plan your night stay at a nearby village Ghangaria.

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