Visit Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

Leshan Giant Buddha

The historical heritage, ancient monuments, scenic beauty, delicious cuisines, modern architectures of China enchant the visitors. Crowds of tourists love to visit this dragon country to capture the ancient treasures and modern architectures. No trip to China is complete without cherishing the beauty of Leshan Giant Buddha statue, which resonates the craftsmanship of ancient Chinese.

Leshan Giant Buddha Statue is a UNESCO world heritage site which is nestled in the heart of Leshan city, Sichuan Province, China. The mammoth structure of Maitreya in a sitting posture on Mount Emei attracts the visitors. The site gets prominent by the giant statue and the geographical conditions, it is the place where the three rivers namely Qingyi, Min and Dadu confluences. It is one of the picture perfect destinations of China to have a picnic with your beloved.

Who and Why the Statue Built at that place?

Leshan Giant Buddha

Hai Tong, a Buddhist monk commenced the project of Giant Buddha Statue. Once upon a time, the people of this locale suffered a lot by boat accidents at the confluence of the three rivers and they believe that it is all due to the water spirit. Hai Tong decided to get them from this drastic problem by constructing a giant statue of Buddha on a hillside. He collected money to carve the statue but once local officials came to know about the huge money and decided to take that. But the angrier Hai Tong said that they can take his eyeballs rather than the money and even plucked out is eyeball which scared the officials. He died when the project was in middle and later the architecture was completed by his followers. After so many years, the project was completed during the eight century.



Leshan Buddha

Words fall short to describe the beauty of the statue which fascinates the visitors with its majestic looks. The statue looks down towards the confluence of rivers and locals says that that looks calm down the water spirit from its evil actions. With a height of 71 metres, the statue of Buddha recorded as the world’s largest statue of Buddha. It is one of the places where the architectural brilliance of ancient humans flourishes. To your surprise, the large ears of the statue were made up of wood and covered with clay.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Each and every part of the statue carved out magnificently like finger, head, eyes and hair. If we observe the head of the statue, numerous buns were carved out and they seem like a single one. One needs to climb numerous rock steps to reach the statue of Buddha.

The Mount Emei allure the tourists with different species of flora and fauna. The picturesque looks from the statue render blissful moments to the viewers. Visitors love to cherish the boat cruise to reach the statue.

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