Why Amin khan tomb of Patancheru is significant in Telangana heritage?

Amin Khan Tomb, Patancheru Tomb

Tombs are not only the remembrance of the eminent personalities but they also resonate the great historical significance of particular localities and grandeur of architecture of that era. When we ask about tombs in Hyderabad, what pop-ups our mind?? of course, definitely it will be Qutub Shahi tombs right!! but, have you ever seen or heard about a tomb in Hyderabad which is a final resting place for a local chieftain in whose period the Telugu language was flourished?? If not, let’s move towards Patancheru. Yeah! Today We touringwala here to take to you a historical destination of Patancheru i.e, Amin Khan tomb also known as Patancheru tombs. but sadly it is now under negligence. Let’s have a look at it…

Who is Amin Khan?

Amin Khan tomb, Ameen Khan tomb, Patancheru tombs, Telangana


Amin Khan, the local Chieftain of Patancheru ruled the area in between the years 1550 to 1581 under the supervision of Golconda Sultans. During the reign of Amin Khan, the region flourished with different religions, cultures and traditions like Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and many more. According to historians, Amin Khan’s courtyard was flourished with many poets like Ponnikanti Telaganarya, who wrote ‘Yayati Charitama’ a poem which was composed in true Telugu without borrowing any words from Sanskrit or Kannada it is the first acha Telugu poem and is dedicated to Amin Khan. Yayati Charitam tells everything about a mythological story of King Yayati.

Though, Amin Khan was a Sunni Muslim and follower of Qadiri Shaiks but, he did a lot to all other religions of the locale. He founded a tax-free Brahmin’s village and he also constructed a large irrigation lake, which we can still view the village and lake in the name of Ameenpur and Ameenpur lake nearby Patancheru. One can capture the scenic vistas at Ameenpur lake which flourishes with bountiful of flora and fauna.

Historical Amin Khan’s Tombs of Patancheru

Amin Khan tomb, Patcheru tombs, Hyderabad, TelanganaBelonging to the 15th century, the Amin Khan Mausoleum is nestled in the heart of Patancheru and is just a few stones away from Tsrtc bus stand. One can catch a glimpse of the great historical significant Amin Khan tomb along the side NH9 in a tranquil environ. The architecture of the tomb fascinates the visitors with Qutub Shahi styled architecture with an onion-shaped dome and its face is decorated with beautiful stuccowork. But, sadly the 450 years historical Amin Khan tomb is in a neglecting and it is no surprise that no present generation knows about the history of the monument. The architecture of the monument showcases the architectural skills of the Qutub Shahi period.


Amin Khan tomb, Patancheru tombs, TelanganaThe beautifully intricated stucco work over the face of the tomb and the Persian inscriptions laid over the walls resonates the importance of that era and history of Chieftain Amin Khan. one can also see another ruined tomb just backside of Amin Khan tomb. These tombs narrate the great tales of Qutub Shahi reign and particularly about Amin Khan who did a lot to literature and the people.

Things to see nearby Amin Khan tomb, Patancheru

Vardhaman Mahaveer

Mahaveer Jain Patancheru, telangana

Years ago Patancheru was flourished with different religions and traditions. According to historians, during the reign of Chalukyas, numerous Jain temples were constructed across this locale. Still, one can see a statue of Lord Mahaveer which is situated in front of a Municipal office of Patancheru. This thousands of years old statue is the finest example of Telangana heritage. But, it is under negligence and authorities need to take proper actions to protect the heritage.

Kakatiya temple in PatancheruKakatiya temple in Patancheru


When we ask about Kaktiya architectures we think about Warangal, right!! but have you ever thought there is a Kakatiya temple in Patancheru? But, to your surprise there is but it is in a ruined state. It is located nearby Vedapatasala, Patancheru. But, now it is a ruined state and it’s now using as a place to dump the wastage. The vast heritage, marvellous carvings and rich legacy of Telangana are completely in ruin stage.

What Can We Do?

History aficionados, social activists or Swachh Bharat companions should consider this place as most important and try to protect and to make this place as a tourist centre. Archaeology department needs to show more interest to protect these historical monuments.

We touringwala hopes the government of Telangana, Archaeological department and history aficionados bring glory to these Amin Khan tomb and other monuments in Patancheru which reflects the history of Telangana.

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