World Tourism Day: Here is how tourism promote jobs and enhance local cultures

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Travel is a great way to explore every nook and cranny over the blue planet that flourishes with myriads of natural wonders along with manmade architectures.  Tourism does not only render pleasure travellers it is one of the pillars of a nation to enhance its economy. To bring awareness among the people from across the world on tourism across the world, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation is celebrating September 27 as World Tourism Day. Today, the calendar marks World Tourism Day (i.e, September 27), every corner of the world is immersed in tourism day celebrations. This year the UNWTO come up with a theme is “Tourism and Rural Development”.

Every country in this world is busy in wooing the visitors with their own style of traditions, scenic nature destination, shrines and historical monuments to increase their socio-economic growth. As a traveller, we can promote sustainable tourism which will be a great hand to the host country and its people. Tourism renders a great pleasure to one’s trip and gives immense knowledge on a particular destination. But, have you heard or saw another side of tourism. Yeah, it provides food for many people of that locality. Many locals depend upon the tourism sector. Here is how we can encourage jobs in the tourism sector as a traveller to provide a better future for all.

Sustainable Tourism…

Buy from locals

World Tourism Day, Sustainable Tourism

One of the main objectives of sustainable tourism is to provide jobs for locals. While you are on a trip, please do purchase at local people which will improve their business to sustain their lives. Buying handicrafts and arts made by local people will support them to protect their cultures. Apart from it will become a great hobby for you to collect different arts and handicrafts from across the world.

Hire a local guide

Loacl guide, World Tourism Day, Tourism Day, Sustainable tourism

Hiring a tour guide at historical monuments is not in a vain. We spend a lot of money on travel and it will be incomplete without gaining knowledge of a particular place. Even though there exists every matter on google but the local people may add some other interesting flavours to your trip. You may come across interesting local legends, myths, etc. Apart from it will also provide a job for a person and it also made local people know more about the historical monuments and places of their locality.

Stay in a local house

World Tourism Day, Local Stay, Sustainable Tourism

Staying in hotels is very common while we are on a trip but this time give a go to stay at a local house in that place. Nowadays, many locals are interesting to provide shelter to tourists in the houses with nominal charges. It is a great way to cherish the true hospitality of villagers and the local food. You may also gather more information about the place from them. If you are lucky enough you may also experience bullock cart rides and horse rides.

Be a responsible traveller

World Tourism Day, Traveller, Sustainable Tourism

My dear travel freaks, go green and be a responsible traveller. Never do any harm to the environment of that locale and avoid purchasing things made from animal leather or rare species of flora and fauna.

We Touringwala wishes you a very very happy World Tourism Day. Go Green for a better future…

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